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HafeziCapital’s Growth Consulting services are devised to help each client successfully address the challenges and opportunities facing their company. HafeziCapital views corporations as a living entity with various foundational pillars. While HafeziCapital addresses growth issues, other problems must also be addressed to ensure that your corporation thrives. This consulting relationship drives optimal strategic business development and implementation, resulting in increased sales, market share, and corporate profitability.

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The most successful organizations are those that consistently deliver excellence in product, and customer service, while lowering costs to the end user. The most successful companies throughout the world combine the ability in developing the best strategies with the implementation and delivery of a strong organizational structure. HafeziCapital can help your company by reassessing the current organizational structure and develop a process that aligns the needs of your clients, suppliers, and organization.

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HafeziCapital’s Capital Markets team in the US is part of a global platform responsible for advising clients with capital needs and managing relationships with investors who participate in private capital financings. The Capital Markets team is well equipped to advise clients with a variety of private capital needs, including venture growth capital, project equity, bank packaging, equity raising, Mortgage Backed Securities analysis and valuation, mezzanine debt and senior private debt financing.

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How we can help you!

HafeziCapital understand the many challenges facing businesses in today's fast-paced and competitive climate. We are a solutions based company, and thus work hard to help you reach your respective goals. Our team works hard to help you identify your business needs and develop a process by which to implement it effectively. We are one of the few business service management consultancy firms capable of affordably addressing the unique business challenges faced by your organization. We implement positive, lasting change in our client businesses.

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