Monthly Archives: January 2013

Top reasons to enter International Markets

International markets provide various key advantages to the average corporation. By moving internationally, corporations have the ability to increase demand for their products, decrease the economic volatility from their home market, and develop new customers. In most cases foreign markets also allow companies to take advantage or larger margins and...
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HafeziCapital welcomes Dr. Ayman Omar as Managing Director of Supply Chain Management

McLean, Virginia (January 16, 2013): HafeziCapital, a leading international consulting and investing firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Ayman Omar as the Managing Director of Supply Chain Management. With unparalleled expertise in global supply chain management and an emphasis on strategic and operational supply chain assessments, managing supplier...
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What is the right price for my product or service?

by Babak Hafezi, M.A., M.B.A As every entrepreneur will tell you, one of the key elements that entrepreneurs have issues with is how they set the right price for their product/service. Many entrepreneurs do not understand pricing formulas and many un-willingly price themselves out of the market, either by undercharging...
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