Entering Iran

On July 14, 2015 the United States and its Allies entered into a negotiation process with Iran to systematic verify Iran’s nuclear armament. Although this was an important Political deal, there are key businesses opportunities within this deal for American and International businesses. As of today, entering Iran is a viable...
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How to grow in Frontier Markets?

Frontier Markets and the future of their growth are being questioned in today’s global economic climate. The anemic global trade rate, and the rapid depreciation of world commodity prices has lead to many key questions being asked about Frontier Markets. Hafezi Capital International Consulting was invited to attend the FT...
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Young tech firms and growth

While Young tech firms are known for their innovation, novel approaches to problem solving and the creativity of their programmers and design teams, many of these firms are also plagued with problems. Young tech firms face issues such as poor management, lack of product definition, lack of corporate strategy, mismanagement...
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