Venture capital funding

Obtaining Venture Capital funding can be difficult if you do not know what the requirements are. Organizations need to first understand their business model and how they can scale their business. Venture Capital firms receive on average 25,000 proposals every year and they invest in less than 10% of those...
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Three keys to raising capital

Raising capital in three easy steps In recent months, various companies attempting to raise capital approached HafeziCapital to review their product for market viability and advise on ways to enhance the company’s ability to raise capital. The ultimate goal was to increase the probability and valuation of the company for...
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Business mistakes in entering Spain

The number of international companies making business mistakes in entering Spain is great. Examples of business mistakes in entering Spain include, American beer manufacturer Molson Coors, whose marketing slogan in Spain “turn it loose,” translates into “Suffer from diarrhea,” or Braniff International Airlines which suffered the same fate in translating...
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