Business Valuation

HafeziCapital’s business valuation services allow companies to understand the underlying value of the organization. Valuations are necessary are generally a necessity for Corporations bringing on new stockholders, annual corporate reviews, or structuring an exit. Business Valuation analysis allows business owners to understand what the approximate value of the organization is at the time of the valuation, and develop the necessary steps to increase the value of the firm.

How does Business Valuation work?

Business valuation is based on two key elements, namely the current profits of an organization and the risks associated with achieving those profits in years to come. As the cash flows increase the value of the organization increases. However, Business Valuation must take into account the assets, the comparable of the product/service in the market and the multiples that define your specific industry. HafeziCapital’s vast expertise in financial modeling and financial forecasting allows for an accurate and reliable valuation.

Our experience in the field of capital raising and Mergers and Acquisitions provides us with a unique understanding in ensuring that we use the correct methods and reliable estimates to reach our business valuation analysis. Our Business Valuation estimates represent the reasonable market price at the time of the valuation. It is critical to understand that given economic conditions, market demands, and sector growth, business valuations may increase or decrease. Thus, understanding the key economic and industry indicators are critical in obtaining the correct Business Valuation at the time of the analysis.

Types of Business Valuation

Start-up Valuation: HafeziCapital has worked with a very large number of start-ups in defining the value of the organization based on Intellectual Property, Cashflow, and Customer base. Start-up Valuation is used by Entrepreneurs and Investors as a means to understand the underlying value of the firm and at what valuation they should obtain equity stakes.

Mergers & Acquisition Valuation: HafeziCapital provides business valuations for organizations that are undergoing a merger, acquisition or a type of liquidity event. HafeziCapital helps organizations on both the buy or the sell side, understand the value of the organization based on Asset, Market, or Income approach. This Business Valuation can he helpful in obtaining third party validation for a Merger or Acquisition. On the buy side, this decreased the opportunity to over-paying for a firm. On the sell side, this ensures that you obtain at minimal the market value for the firm.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) Valuation: HafeziCapital’s team can analyze the valuation of REIT’s based on Market to Market or Market to Model structures. This allows the organization that own assets to obtain a third party valuation model to ensure that the assets are marked accordingly.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Valuation: Software as a Service Valuation pricing is based on different variables to that of general valuation models. HafeziCapital has worked with a number of SaaS companies on thus is a subject matter expert in obtaining true to market SaaS valuation models.

Annual Business Valuation: HafeziCapital works with Partner’s and Stockholders to update the business valuation of the firm on an annual basis, thus ensuring that partners can access the valuation of the firm and the future prospect of an exit.

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