Capitalization Consulting

HafeziCapital’s Capitalization Consulting team in the US is part of a global platform responsible for advising clients with capital needs and managing relationships with
investors who participate in private capital financing. The Capital Markets team is well equipped to advise clients with a variety of private capital needs, including Angel, Venture Capital (VC), bank packaging, government grant packaging, and government backed banking capital. HafeziCapital’s Capitalization packaging services represent a unique, specialized approach, and combine years of experience. HafeziCapital’s Capitalization consulting has provides companies  with various ways of capitalizing their company given their specific needs. Given our experience we have developed a deep understanding of the needs and investment preferences of investors.


The Capitalization Consulting team maintains and ongoing dialog with Angel, Venture Capital (VC) funds, international, national, and regional banks, government backed banking institutions (Export-Import Bank, Small Business Association) Family trusts, sovereign wealth funds, and private equities. HafeziCapital’s Capital Markets team understand the requirements established by each Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms.

Packaging Companies

HafeziCapital’s Capitalization Consulting team can help its clients remove the various barriers that make the investment within their respective company unappealing to investors. The Capital Markets team works to perfect the business plan, investor pitch, presentation, develop financially viable models, ensure organizational structure, develop the monetization plan, and create viable exit strategies that will capture the attention of Venture Capital (VC) and Angel investors.

HafeziCapital reviews and analyses the clients existing industry and reviews and analyzes complementary industries that may yield higher returns to investors and re-enforce the capitalization process. By reviewing financial monetization model HafeziCapital can help both investors and clients decrease their risk premium and increase valuation. HafeziCapital’s Capital Markets team works to find the right capitalization matrix for your organization based on your current and future capital needs.

Structuring Deals

HafeziCapital’s Capitalization Consulting team can advise clients on the valuation of an existing company,  investment negotiation, term sheet negotiation and due diligence analysis. HafeziCapital’s Capitalization Consulting team actively assists clients in deal structuring to ensure that it is mutually beneficial both to the client as well as to the investor.

Questions we can help you answer:

  1. How much money do I need to raise?
  2. Why can I not raise capital?
  3. What do I need the money for?
  4. Who would be an ideal investor?
  5. What compromises do I need to make?
  6. How will the deal be structured?
  7. How much control will I loose in the corporation?
  8. What do I present in front of investors?
  9. What does my financial model look like?
  10. What makes my product/service unique for investors?

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