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Marketing mistake blunder in Spain

Marketing in foreign countries poses a number of challenges. In addition to dealing with translation problems from one language to another, companies must also take culture into consideration. Avoiding errors requires research of the local traditions, political and religious beliefs. The number of possible language barriers also includes the native...
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Emerging Markets: 4 Keys to Speed and Success

HafeziCapital’s CEO, Babak Hafezi was extensively quoted within the SAP White Paper, Emerging Markets: 4 Keys to Speed and Success. The document discusses some of the key problems areas for organizations that are attempting to enter emerging markets. HafeziCapital’s CEO was quoted with the likes of Accenture, Ernst  & Young,...
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Helping European companies move to the United States

On a daily basis the economic crisis within the European Union is putting pressure on European companies to deliver positive financial results. With the majority of the European Union (EU) countries in or near a recession, European companies are struggling to survive. The domestic market is becoming challenging and the international market...
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