Corporate Finance

HafeziCapital’s Corporate Finance team can help clients strengthen their financial operations to extract maximum efficacy. The manner by which your organization operates its finances has a lasting impact on your growth potential. Establishing and implementing a financial strategy ensures organizations adhere to a set of corporate values and minimize risk. A strong Capital Markets Strategy ensures that organizations adapt well to changes in the business cycle or a shift in industry demand. The planning process takes a short, medium and long-term perspective and merges the company’s overall strategies with its finances. This creates a linear correlation between your finances and growth based on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBO), or Cash Buy Outs (CBA). As your company grows, your need for alliance building, partnership establishment, and joint venture projects will become vital to your growth and survival. HafeziCapital Corporate Finance team can help you plan through that process and help your organization establish financial guidelines. HafeziCapital’s Corporate Finance team has helped its clients create the most value for their invested capital and we can help your organization take the next step.

Corporate Finance and Capital Markets:

With so many external factors to contend with, the Capital Markets sector had plenty on its plate before the seismic changes forced on it by current market conditions. Meanwhile, the search for emerging products and structures intensifies as organizations seek advantage in an ever changing market. The only transformational change will be enough to meet the challenges facing the industry and our Capital Markets team is well placed to advise. HafeziCapital helps clients model, design, develop, manage, upgrade, reengineer, test and support their lending, investment, and capital investitures. HafeziCapital’s deep industry knowledge, experience and technical expertise across our consulting practices enables us to add value throughout the organization ‒ from systems and processes, risk management, strategy development and IT integration to helping front desks understand the implications of new products and structures from a variety of perspectives.

Value-Based Planning:

Values Based Planning helps a company (or an individual) develop strategic and tactical plans that are consistent with the values of the organization, and helps the company operate consistently with those values. Aligning those values with the financial aspect of the organization is vital for long-term success. HafeziCapital Corporate Finance team can create solutions for planning in this sector and bring the financial aspects into line with the other sectors of the organization.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures:

HafeziCapital helps clients in determining how to buy, sell and/or combine various companies in a financially efficient manner. The ultimate goal of effective Mergers and Acquisitions is our client’s rapid growth in a given industry without creating other business entities. HafeziCapital’s Corporate Finance team helps clients with the post Mergers and Acquisition process in operations, IT, marketing, sales, and strategy integration and organizational consolidation. At HafeziCapital, we have a multi-functional approach that can provide answers and advice to target your organization’s risk and maximize returns.

Alliance, Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Finding the right mix of companies to cooperate with or join can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line and future success. HafeziCapital can help you determine which alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures to pursue, ensuring that such mergers are in the long-term interest of the organization.

Integration Planning

Ensuring that corporations work together and bring their strengths to the table becomes vital to integrating various corporations. Some organizations focus on growth via acquisitions, yet integration of the companies is key to the overall success of the merger or joint venture. HafeziCapital can advise clients on how to manage such ventures via effective organizational design and the implementation of a United corporate strategy.

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