Feasibility Studies

 Feasibility StudiesBusiness feasibility studies looks at the viability of a set of ideas with a direct emphasis on identifying the key problems areas. The key question that an effective Feasibility Study needs to address is: Will the idea work and should you proceed with it? A feasible study addresses the positioning in the market space of a product, its main clientele, pricing models, and where and how the business will operate. It provides in-depth analysis on the business and develop ways in which it can succeed at optimal levels. It can also become a very powerful tool raising private as well as bank based capital.

Feasibility Studies can provide your organization with valuable data before entering a new market both domestically and internationally. They allow you to analyze the expenditures and create a set of cash flow requirements, and exit strategies before your organization is too committed to a project. It provides an organization the ability to shift courses before major infrastructure investments are committed. Good feasibility studies look at the relationship between the costs associated with entering a business venture and the value that is produced. HafeziCapital feasibility studies have included business development, new market entry both domestically and internationally, real estate development and re-development ventures, and technology investments.

The data within the feasibility study will help you:

  1. Key ingridients to business success
  2. Identify logistical and other business-related problems and solutions
  3. Develop market positioning strategies
  4. Develop Correct Pricing model for survivability
  5. Present a comprehensive plan to investor(s) for raising capital; and
  6. Serve as a key foundation pillar for developing a viable and realistic business plan

A well developed Feasibility studies contains a comprehensive, and detailed plan about your business structure, your products and services, the market, delivery logistics, the financial resources needed to implement it correctly and ways to run the business efficiently.

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