Functional Practices

Functional Practices are divided into seven major areas:

1) Strategy Consulting
2) Risk Mitigation and Management
3) Corporate Finance
4) Organization
5) Operations
6) Marketing
7) Information Systems

The functional practices team collaborates with Senior Managers and Major stake holders by sharing market knowledge, industry mapping and commercialization trends, all of which significantly benefit the organization in the areas of Growth, Organization, Acquisition, Exit Strategy, Capitalization, and International Market Entry. HafeziCapital ‘s consultants offer insightful data that are generally monetized by our clients.

Functional Practices, Strategy, Risk Mitigation, Corporate Finances, Organization, Operations, Marketing and Information Systems.Functional Practices are the general tools that are used by Hafezi Capital International Consulting to solve the various problems that our clients face. They are the tool-kit that we reach into to provide viable customized solution for our clients. Our functional practices are led by senior professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors. By merging our extensive sector experiences in the areas of Technology, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, and Government Contracting with our Functional Practices we can provide the best level of support and service to our clients. Providing customized solutions  for growth development, organization, re-organization, Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategy Development, Capitalization, and International Market Entry require both  area expertise as well as a keen understanding in functional practices.  Hafezi Capital views the organization as a living ecosystem requiring a detailed approach to problem solving. HafeziCapital focuses on differentiating between the symptoms and the core problem area.

Functional Practices

Excellence in design and implementation of Functional Practices are critical to an organization’s ability to keep up with the pace of an ever changing business world. From strategy to risk mitigation, from corporate finances to operations and marketing, Hafezi Capital is committed to helping our clients build everlasting solutions for their business problems. We’ve organized our Functional Practices to address the specific needs of our clients. Hafezi Capital’s success is driven by our culture, development of a collaborative environment, customer alignment, processes and technologies that allow us to serve you with success.