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Our Client is the owner and operator of a boutique hotel for sale in Buzios, Brazil. The hotel for sale in Buzios is a premier global destination for tourists actively involved in ecotourism, windsurfing, sailing, diving, fishing, and paragliding. This enchanting town is considered one of the top ten areas of the world given its picturesque fishing villages, combining rustic charm, architectural beauty and sophisticated global shopping. The town hosts an acclaimed International Food Festival drawing over 120,000 participants annually, the Buzios Cine Festival or International Film Festival. Additionally a summer Buzios Jazz and Blues Festival attracting regional and global Blues and Jazz artists such as B.B. King and Astrud Gilberto. Buzios has the ambiance of old Europe with the friendliness and joy of life that encapsulates the Brazilian culture.

Boutique Hotel for Sale in Brazil

City center in Buzios, Brazil

At its heart, Buzios is an international metropolis with the cultural blend of European, Middle Eastern and South American countries. The city became a key travel destination in 1964 when world famous actress Bridget Bardot traveled with her Brazilian boyfriend Bob Zagury to this enchanting city and extended her two week stay for over four months. The city continues this tradition of global sophistication for international travels.

The cities Rua das Pedras or Pebble Street is the town’s glamour street with over 600 meters of shops, internationally acclaimed restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and global shopping. Its streets are filled with energy and life, with music, shopping and bars filled with tourists and locals enjoying the sights and sounds that are uniquely Brazilian. Buzios is a retreat for the sophisticated traveler that wants access to global brands yet wants the

Enjoy the world famous Caipirinha in different flavors

Enjoy the world famous Caipirinha in different flavors

uniqueness of the local culture. Bridgeto Bardot called it the St. Tropez of Latin America, and while it has retained its charm and cultural heritage it allows the global traveler to relax, and enjoy the uniqueness that is Buzios. The city of Buzios is situated 165KM or about 2.5 hours via car service from Rio de Janeiro. It can be accessed directly via the Umberto Modiano Regional Airport (2.7 miles) and via the Cabo Frio International Airport (14 miles). Buzios gives you access to a global quality lifestyle, while allowing you to enjoy the charm of a serene city filled with colorful fishing boats, exciting adventures, romantic architecture, active sports, eco-friendly tourism and beautiful white beaches. The cities adventures are minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.

Food Culture

Hotel for Sale Buzios, Brazil

Restaurant culture in Buzios, Brazil

Apart from just eating, Buzios embarks one on a gastronomic journey to explore the world’s cuisines from local flavors to European restaurants to East Asian dining. The coastal proximity of Buzios exposes the beach town to a diverse restaurant scene that can fulfill almost anything one’s palette desires. Along Rua das Pedras, restaurant options can range from snacks or a drink to fine dining. During the day, take advantage of the kiosks and bars setup along the dozens of beaches. These beachside food and drink spots take advantage of the Atlantic waters by grilling fresh seafood and serving local stews along the sandy shores. For something more accommodating, places like Ferraruda and Brava beach have lounges, bars, and restaurants to serve things dishes like ceviche and sandwiches.

Hotel for Sale in Buzios, Brail

A gastronomic experience in Buzios’ annual food festival.

When it comes to dinner, have your taste buds pick the destination. For an authentic Brazilian experience, visit restaurants with Buzios’ cuisine. Otherwise, select from Italian pizzerias, French brasseries, Thai bistros, or Japanese sushi bars. Every year, Buzios hosts a gastronomic festival in the month of July. After 15 successful years, this festival is included in the town’s official calendar. With almost 50 participating restaurants, the gastronomic festival lures almost 120,000 people over the two-weekend span, attracting visitors during the winter months. The gastronomic experience is minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.


Sailing Week in Buzios is a must

Sailing Week in Buzios is a must attend event

Thanks to the winds of Buzios’ microclimate, sailing is a perfect activity to try here. Depending on the beach, sailing can be ideal for both beginners and professionals. Ferradura and Tartaruga beaches’ winds make it a good setting for beginners. For stronger winds, Rasa, Manguinhos, and Geribá beach are great for more experienced sailors. Sailing is so nice on Buzios’ waters that sailing championships are hosted in this small town. To be inclusive of everyone, Búzios Vela Clube in Manguinhos beach offers an opportunity for newcomers or beginners to learn how to properly sail the Atlantic waters. Ferradura beach also provides sailing schools and windsurfing lessons. Due to the popularity of the sport in the small town, instructors include professional competitors who performed in the same championships held in Buzios. Their services cater to almost any age group and make the water sport into another reason to soak up the Buzios sun. The many sailing adventures are minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.

Diving culture Buzios

Hotel for sale in Buzios

Great diving culture in Buzio’s, Brazil.

Buzios marine flora and fauna create an aquarium-like when looking down in the depths of the clear waters. Conditions like 22 degree Celsius water and deep visibility enable many divers, ranging from beginners to experts, to explore the coastal waters. Usually, the water is visible about ten meters, but the summer months can get deep visibility of up to 25 meters. The rich marine life comes from the presence of water currents impacting Buzios’ biodiversity. Antarctic waters present a cold ocean current bringing rich nutrients that attracts big fish like groupers and giant stingrays.

Due to Buzios’ plethora of tranquil beaches, snorkeling can be done on several different beach cliffs like Forno, Azeda, and Azedinha. Masks and snorkels can be rented at Joao Fernandes where snorkeling can also be done. For some scuba diving, some nearby islands are getaways from the mainland for guaranteed water clarity (depending on the month of the year). Besides islands Ilha da Ncora, Filhote, and Ilha Feia, Arraial do Cabo is a town about 30 minutes away from Buzios that is known for being one of the best beaches in the country for diving. The various diving adventures are minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.

Film culture Buzios

Bridget Bardot with Brazilian boyfriend.

Bridget Bardot with Brazilian boyfriend.

As seen by hit films like City of God, Brazilian society appreciates cinema in an artistic approach. In Buzios, the Gran Cine Bardot hosts the annual Buzios Cine Festival in late November for about 5 days. Films featured include an array of foreign cinema from Brazilian and Argentinian indie films to French, British, and American motion pictures. This festival was created with the purpose of attracting cultured members of society who are interested in maintaining Brazil’s cinema scene. The foundation of Buzios’ growth comes from film thanks to French actress Brigitte Bardot. Her arrival gave the previously low-key beach town on a global spotlight. In remembrance, the first cinema in Buzios was named after the French actress. After over 20 years of success, this sponsored festival opened a new cinema in addition to the Gran Cine Bardot. The Cine Rasa Theatre opened for the 19th annual festival in 2013 and started a special program for students to be exposed to the town’s cultural scene. The film culture is minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding in Buzios, Brazil

Paddle boarding in Buzios, Brazil

For a new perspective of Buzios, hop on a board and paddle out into the clear waters. This relaxing, yet exciting activity gives a view of the marine life without having to get wet! Be it the calm beaches of Rasa and Ferradura, or the intense waves of Geriba, a paddleboard experience can shift from tranquil to exhilarating. Beginners can learn at the Buzios Kitesurfing School along with other water sports. Although this sport is more recent to the town and Brazilian waters, locals fell in love with the sport and made it ubiquitous on Buzios’ coast. At almost all of the beaches, one can find the necessary equipment to rent for paddle boarding. Locals and instructors facilitate activities like paddle boarding to ease visitors into carefree leisure. Paddle Boarding adventures are minutes away from the hotel for sale in Buzios.

Fishing culture Buzios

Fishing culture in Buzios, Brazil

Fishing culture in Buzios, Brazil

Be it for game or preparation for a delicious dinner, fishing on the waters of Buzios can prove to be a great way to spend the day. Through transparent waters, people can embrace the foundation of Buzios being a fishing village by going back to its roots. Cliffs of the same beaches to lounge on are a great spot to catch sea bass, anchovies, groupers, and many more opportunities for seafood. For a more authentic experience, go on a boat excursion for the day with a trawler. Go to Fishermen Colony with a boat rental, sailor, and equipment for a full day of fishing to catch pounds of game or food.

Hotel for sale in Buzios

Established in 1981, this waterfront hotel for sale in Buzios was established to serve the ever increasing global traveler. The hotel for sale in Buzios was renovated in 2007 and hosts 18 luxuries suites, with private balconies and sitting areas. All of the rooms overlook the transparent teal blue water. The hotel for sale in Buzios features an ocean front swimming pool, sauna, beauty and body treatments with private rooms or outside treatment services facing the ocean, a waterfront bar, deck-top bar, a game room featuring a billiard table, and is in close proximity to shopping, fine dinning and nightlife in center city. The hotel for sale in Buzios features a private entrance to the beach, for easy access for hotel patrons. The 18 luxury suites are divided into eleven (11) single luxury suites with queen sized or two double beds and seven (7) double luxury suites featuring two or more rooms. Each suites is decorated in a modern yet authentic Buzios resort style outlay. All suites feature color flat screen televisions, in-room controlled air-conditioning, private telephones, mini-bar, a safe, and Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) available throughout the property. The pool area can host private functions, weddings, and special events with a million dollar views of the ocean.


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