International Market Entry

HafeziCapital’s International Markets Entry team helps by deploying a customized      quantitative, qualitative and cultural fit within the decision making process. HafeziCapital reviews and analyzes potential market entry models via Exporting, Licensing, Turnkey Solutions, Franchising, Acquisitions, Alliances/Joint Ventures, or Greenfield/Wholly Owned Subsidiaries. Each company has a different set of core competencies and financial capabilities. HafeziCapital’s key objectives is to develop a set of recommendations that can be implemented effectively the its Client. Thus, our International Market Entry team works hard to obtain key market data and analysis that will be befit the needs of the organization.

HafeziCapital helps companies answer the three key questions of international market entry, namely;

Which international markets to enter?

Defining and modeling a number of countries to enter is critical to developing a cost benefit analysis. Understanding the favorable and unfavorable for each market and what the return on equity (ROE) can be is critical for organizations in entering international markets. HafeziCapital’s International Market Entry team, helps you define the value of each country. HafeziCapital reviews the companies market entry model and finds processes and   methodologies to improve revenues, and margins. Determining market position, price  development and testing, brand risks assessment, and cultural adaptation are key elements within the Market Entry phase. We help you define the various models of entry in each country and the costs. Organizations can clearly see that the various opportunities and threats of international market entry are and make the best decisions that befits their needs.

When to enter international markets?

Market Entry entails developing timing and corporate models that are best suited for clients entry into their new international market. HafeziCapital reviews the synergies with the companies existing business model and works with company to minimize risks within the process. Within the Pre-Internatinoal Market Entry Analysis HafeziCapital helps companies with first mover advantage analysis, local competitors, developing the infrastructure to build sales channels and distribution models,  and help customers move down the experiential curve, thus increasing cost advantages for our clients. Furthermore, understanding political, economic and cultural dynamics that may impact timing are critical. By being prepared for international market entry, organizations can benefit from short term economic volatility to purchase assets in international markets that are undervalues and maximize return on equity. HafeziCapital can help you develop this analysis and be proactive within the timing of international market entry.

What is the scale of international market entry?

Defining how large of an operation you would like to establish within the International Market is critical. Based on the various market research products developed by HafeziCapital, we can help Clients understand the various opportunities at it relates to scale of International Market Entry. This helps companies answer key questions such cost of international market entry, human capital requirements, structure of international market entry, tax efficient international market structures and assets protection such as trademarks, intellectual property and patents. The various scaling models allow customers to find the right-fit for its international market entry. HafeziCapital works with Senior Managers and Country Managers to align the companies process, organization, marketing and sales with those of the new country. Developing key performance indications (KPI) are  empirical to ensuring continued success and deploying resources as necessary within this new market.

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