M & A Consulting

The purpose of the M&A Consulting team is to systemize and grow through acquisition of other clients, business segments or systems rather than through the traditional slower organic growth. Mergers and Acquisitions can allow companies to systemize and streamline their organizations and gain operational efficiencies while decreasing overall costs. However, if a Merger or Acquisition is done in a faulty manner, it can lead to failure and loss of money for shareholders and investors. Many studies peg the failure rate of Mergers and Acquisitions at above 50% with a Harvard Business review claiming as much as 78% fail to achieve their initial growth.

Deal Structure

HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team structures Mergers and Acquisitions deal in such a way that they take integration into account that thus decreasing the failure rate. Such work is part of the HafeziCapital DNA and provides valuable insight to its clients. HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team has worked with clients on a step-by-step systemized process in selecting, acquiring and integrating potential organizations. The M&A Consulting team helps clients understand the net strategy and work with them to develop the correct acquisitions strategy and correctly integrating the clients, operations, and systems. HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team is industry agnostic and has represented clients in the areas of Financial Services, Technology, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, SaaS, Spirits, Medical/Dental Practices,  Government Contracting and Retail industries with an average deal size being between $3 to $75 million dollars.

There are several key questions that a CEO must ask when wanting to go through a Mergers and Acquisitions, namely:

  1. What are the key reasons for this Mergers and Acquisitions and how will it leapfrog our growth?
  2. Are their current economic advantage in today’s market space for a Mergers and Acquisitions?
  3. How and who will manage the day-to-day execution of the Mergers and Acquisitions deal process?

HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team divides the Mergers and Acquisitions process into three specific sectors, the targeting of sale or targeting of acquisitiondue diligence and the integration of the deal.


Every corporation is different and when targeting a Mergers and Acquisitions the upper management and board of directors have to understand that the right pick is empirical. HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team can help its client develop corporate synergies. The cultural values, organization structure, and market segments must be correlated with acquirers own cultural values and organizational structure market segments. Targeting also requires various levels of strategy both for the acquisitions process and post-acquisition integration of the company.

Due Diligence

Reviewing the companies organizational structure, income, client base, financials, legal liabilities, and patents are imperative to your organization’s success. Based on the business side of the due diligence the integration part can be designed for next step implementation. Furthermore, good due diligence brings the risk levels of any deal to market conditions and increase the probability of success.


Integrating the companies technology, customers, employees, and suppliers plays an empirical part in integration success. Most Mergers and Acquisitions deals fail because the integration is not part of the Mergers and Acquisitions process. HafeziCapital’s M&A Consulting team understand the intricacies of integration management and can help clients create value in both financial and non-monetary terms.

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