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HafeziCapital’s acquisition strategy helps Client save 42%

McLean, Virginia,—(Business Wire)—HafeziCapital International Consulting and Investing (HafeziCapital), a leading middle-market consulting and investment firm advised SmileUp Dental Center, Inc. (“SmileUp” or “Company”) on their acquisition of Glenn Burnie Dental Associates (“GBDA”). GBDA, a leading dental practice based in Glenn Burnie, Maryland had been in business for over five years. HafeziCapital...
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Mergers and Acquisitions success

Mergers and Acquisitions refer to the process where two companies combine to form a single entity. Strictly speaking, a merger refers to the process where two companies of comparatively equal strengths combine to form a completely new company. A recent example of a merger is that of XM Satellite Radio with Sirius, which formed the new...
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Why do mergers and acquisitions fail?

When we first meet with clients, one of the key questions on their mind is “Why do Mergers and acquisitions fail?” We go through a rigorous process in explaining and defining the major causes of failure. However, it is imperative to understand that the two key reasons why companies acquire others is to improve...
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