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Hafezi Capital raises $12.8m

McLean, Virginia,—(Business Wire)—HafeziCapital International Consulting and Investing (HafeziCapital), a leading middle-market consulting firm, today announced a $12.8 million debt and equity capital commitment for its client Eagle Management LLC (Eagle), a regional Real Estate Development and Management Company, based in Northern Virginia. Eagle approached HafeziCapital for advisory services in the areas...
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State of the Real Estate Market

The recent analysis of the State of the Real Estate Market in Q3/2012 reveals that there are two factors over-riding the economy in general and the real estate sector, in particular-too much uncertainty and too little demand.  While some of the uncertainty has been resolved with the Presidential election, the expiration of the Bush era tax...
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The Real Estate Market Q2-’12

By Keith Rosenberg & Babak Hafezi An analysis by HafeziCapital of the Real Estate Market within the United States in the second quarter of 2012 We delayed the real estate market report until after the Fed meeting in April; and to look at three consecutive months of jobs reports—March, April...
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